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YG Design + Technology + SMO
Our Methodologies

On January 2003, Yan Grinshtein has made a life changing decision, to start his own visual communications studio.

The first name of the company that was born, was MDStudio (Modern Design Studio), the company started rapidly growing and establishing itself on the market.

3 years later, Yan parted his way with his partner and entered into a new partnership, and the company was rebranded to YANGRIN STUDIO & Co. and we kept growing and expending our reach and services.

By 2007, YANGRIN STUDIO & Co. was already a known studio in the field of branding, printed media design and web design, by that time providing services to very different and diverse clients in Canada, USA, Israel and UK, and our services has expanded to user experience, interface design, consulting and working with high-tech start-ups.

Yan was the Art Director responsible for such flagship projects as Volkswagen Israel Website, Microsoft Security Website in Israel, Tsvetnoy Promo-Website (largest department store in Moscow), Deloitte Asia annual reports, SAAB Toronto Showrooms Posters, and our pride and joy meaningo, an israeli start-up that with Yan’s indirect help was chosen to present at TechCrunch Top50 Annual Conference at San Francisco back in 2009.

Today, we have restructured our entire operation… YANGRIN STUDIO now is a network working in the following way:

Yan G. is the owner, art director and leading designer, he signed a co-operation with Dogma Design & Technology which became our technology hub where all our developers are located and the company was rebranded to dogma+yangrin, and also we have signed co-operation with CoolAno Technologies, a social networking marketing & analytics company, which now allows us to expand and provide new services in the area of SMO and SNA.

So from now on, we are all working as a big happy family of 3 companies, joined into of hub of nearly endless services in the visual communications field, mobile and social networking field.

Responsibilities of the new network:

YG Studio - Art Direction & Design
dogma+yangrin - technology and development
CoolAno - SMO and Other marketing and analytical services in social networking

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